Our costs are as follows:

Taking instructions, first consultation, drafting of the Founding Affidavit, Supporting Affidavit, Notice of Motion, drafting letters to creditors, Drafting of Advertisements and placement thereof, instructions to advocate in the form of a brief, including delivery of brief to advocate.R7330.00
Attendance to Court to obtain a case number and court date and subsequent lodgement of Documents at the Deeds Office for obtaining the deeds office report, cost involvedR500.00
Delivery of Court documents at the Deeds Office for obtaining the report, lodgment of court documents, collection thereof and deeds offices fee in obtaining the reportR500.00
Provision for S.21(1) Advertisements: Local Newspaper, as well as advertisement in the Government GazetteR2,000.00
Sending copy of the advertisement in the Local Newspaper, as well a Government Gazette to each and every creditor by registered mailR500.00
Advocate’s Fee for application at CourtR1700.00
Drafting of Antenuptial Contract, attending to execution thereof before Notary Public, and attending to registration thereof in the Deeds RegistryR1450.00
Deeds Office feeR520.00
General Postage and PettiesR500.00